Spawnie's Life as a Retail Slut

Spawnie's Life as a Retail Slut

Thursday, October 23, 2003

My Boss wants to Convert Me !

Today, when one of my bosses, was balancing my till, he was talking about what he did on his two days off. He told me, about how he went to the casino, won a grand, and went and spent it all at a strip club. Jokingly, I called him a sinner. Oops, I didn't know he was a born again. Argh !

So after we get my till balanced, we had a religious debate in the office, while I was still on the clock. I got paid for an hour, of religious debate, Go Me ! He told me about he was brought up an atheist, and after reading one book, he converted. Riiiiiiiiiight, this one book, is the answer to all. He is bringing it to work for me tomorrow, woohooo.

He told me, about how around 2007 or so, the end of the world would start. Revelations, and all that shit. Yippie, I'll only be 28 when I die, damn. I guess I'll accomplish the live fast die young, leave a good looking corpse saying though. So he goes on, about this church that he goes to. It's a non denom, but yet the service is Baptist, go figure. He told me, that's it not the Baptists, where the fall down in the aisles, and scream out amen, and all that jazz, so I guess that makes it ok or something.

He says, that after I read this book, I will be re-born, and on my way to the glory that is god. He wants to take me to his church, after I have finished this book. He goes on, about how the Catholics, and everyone else, are wrong in their beliefs. His way, is the only true way to heaven, etc. It's like chat at work now, too bad my work, doesn't have an ignore feature for my boss.

He is convinced the end of the world is approaching. Since most of Europe, is on the Euro-dollar now, that is the first sign of a new world order, a one world government. And also, since we now have the ability, to but chips in people, that is going to be the "mark if the beast", that the bible talks about. Help me, I've unleashed a monster, ugh.

More Later.

TheGuyOnTheCouch at 10:06 PM

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Work work work !!!

Things at work are going well. I'm fully trained as a cashier. Yippie !!!

I've been moved to the service desk now. At the service desk, I'm the first person that the customer sees when they walk into the store. I'm also the one that they have to deal with, for returns, refunds, and exchanges. Also, at the service desk, I'm basically the supervisor, of the cashiers on the floor. I don't get a raise, but that was what I was hired for.

Today, when I was counting down my till, my manager tells me, that as soon as I'm service desk certified, she is going to move me on to bigger and better things. In order to be certified, I have to take some goofy 50 questions test, about what I'm supposed to do at the service desk. I'm not worried, how hard can a test about my job be anyway ?

The bigger and better things that I'm getting moved on to, will involve a raise. The first destination for me, after I'm certified, is the parts counter. At the parts counter, I will be giving customers the parts that they need, for their broke down, rusted out, cars. I also get to call the warehouse, and special order parts, for those hard to fit cars. You know the ones, the '72 gremlins, that have 4 million miles and are held together with duct tape, that the person just won't get rid of.

I'm also going to be trained, to be the lead warehouse guy. That means, that 2 days a week, I get to go to work at 5 am, and unload our delivery. I'll get to drive a forklift around, and tell other people what to put away.

The move to parts counter, will involve a raise. It won't be a big raise, but probably about an extra dollar or so an hour. Also, after I'm fully trained on the parts counter, I can move up into management. Yippie !!!

Things are going pretty well at work. I'm also going to be moved to mostly opening shifts, so then I'll be able to get a part-time job. Go Me !

More Later.

TheGuyOnTheCouch at 11:05 PM

Monday, October 20, 2003

Our Neighbors Suck

Good Afternoon folks, sorry for the delay in posting.

Zombie and I live in an apt complex, that's not quite ghetto, but it's not Beverly hills either. Anyway, since we have moved in, we've been having issuses with the Apt, and the neighbors. When it rains, our apt floods. Last week, in rained pretty hard, all day long. I come home from work, and Zombie and her devil offspring, are swimming in the living room. Now mind you, that they had already fixed this problem, or so they claimed. You walk around the living room, you hear that sound, that "squish squish" sound, that comes from wet shoes.

Zombie went to the office and told them, that once again, we had the 6th great lake, in our living room. The next day, they move the couch, and bring over a giant fan, to help dry off the carpet. The kids like the fan, they think it's really cool, but the fan is loud and obnoxious, but it kinda worked. The maintenance man, also brought over one of those giant industrial sized wet/dry vac, and filled the bucket half way up with water.

Another day passes, and the carpet is now dry, but being that it got so wet, there is a mildew like substance, growing on the carpeting. We complain to the office again, and they send in the carpet cleaning guy. He works and magic, and the carpet is so bad, that he is only able to get up about half of it. He goes to the office to tell them. He tells us, that is he going to come by in a week or so, and clean it again, if it still doesn't come up, we are going to get new carpeting.

Now onto our Neighbors

We have a neighbor in the Apt above us, that insists of playing his music, really loud, at 3 and 4 in the morning. At 3 and 4 am, Zombie's kids are sleeping. I'm woken up her kids from their nap when I get home from work sometimes, because I'm all loud and clumsy. Her kids are pure evil, if they are awaken before the want to be. Zombie goes up there, all nice and polite, and asks them kindly, to turn down their music, because her kiddies are asleep. They say ok, and Zombie comes back home. 5 minutes later, the music is back on loud again. Zombie goes up there, a bit more pissed off then before, and tells them to turn it down, they do.

Zombie has been up three times, in the last week, asking them to turn down the music. It might not be so bad, if it wasn't the same song with really deep bass, over and over and over again. One night Zombie and I listened to it, and we heard the same song, over and over again, for a half an hour. I told Zombie, next time they have their stereo really loud, at 3 am, just call the police. I'm going to go to the office today, and complain about them.

Oh, Zombie and I also get ringside seats, for all the domestic disturbances, but that is another story, for a different blog.


TheGuyOnTheCouch at 12:47 PM




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