Spawnie's Life as a Retail Slut

Spawnie's Life as a Retail Slut

Saturday, December 06, 2003

Work called me this morning, to chnage my schedule for next week, I asked my boss how long she was going to be in, and if she had time to talk to me, she said that'd she be there until 4pm, and that she'd have the time to talk to me.

I go into work, and get my schedule for next week, and go into the office to talk to Heather about me wanting to transfer. She says that she doesn't want me to go, because I can do everything in the store, but manage, but she said that she'll call her boss, and tell him that I'm going to apply to be a merchandiser.

She told me that I would prolly hate the job, but she'll support me, because it is a promotion, and a raise. She doesn't want me to leave, but she's not going to try to stop me.

More Later.

TheGuyOnTheCouch at 8:12 PM

Friday, December 05, 2003

Work Work Work

Last week, I got assigned to do a special job. I got to go to others stores, and do resets. New plan-o-grams, and moving the products, to their new spots. The normal lady that does it was on vacation, so I got to do this with her boss. It was boring, but it was good to be out of the store, and away from the asshole people for a while.

Things went well with the resets. I had to do resets at 4 stores, then today I just kinda farted around at work, and didn't do a whole hell of a lot, and got paid for it. I asked the reset lady boss chick, about how I could get out of the store, and become a "merchandiser" person. She told me, that are looking to hire three people, to be "bull-pen" merchandise managers. A bullpen manager, covers the other merchandise managers vacations, and helps out with the really big resets. I told her I was interested in applying for it. She talked to her boss, and since I work in a store, I have to talk to my boss, and my district manager, about transferring. The merchandise managers boss will only talk to me, after I talk to my bosses, and they say that it is ok.

I'm off of work Saturday and Sunday, so I'm going to go into work tomorrow, and talk to my boss, and have her call her boss. This "bull-pen" positions will be starting on Jan 1st, so as long as my bosses say it is ok for me to go for it, then I can get an interview set up to talk to the merchandise god person.

I would be covering the lower Michigan area, and also Cleveland and Toledo. While I'm out traveling, I get paid mileage, and I also get my hotel rooms paid for. I'll also get a $30 per day allowance for food and what not. This position also comes with a raise. I think the salary for this position is in the lower $30k's, a big raise compared to the 8.50 per hour I get now. Wooohoooo.

So Tomorrow I'll be talking to my boss about transferring, wish me luck and stuff. I'll blog about how the meeting goes tomorrow, and let ya know about the interview and stuff.

More later

TheGuyOnTheCouch at 9:07 PM




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