Spawnie's Life as a Retail Slut

Spawnie's Life as a Retail Slut

Saturday, May 01, 2004

My Truck goes under the knife today.

My truck is getting operated on today, while I'm at work. One of the girls I work with, her husband is a mechanic, and has basically a whole shop, in his garage. So he is coming by to pick up my truck, and fix it for me. I'd do it myself, but with my crazy work schedule, I barely have anytime to sleep, let alone fix my truck, so I got him to do it for me.

I need new ball joints. The parts are not costing me a lot, the labor isn't bad either. I'd just wait, and get it done later, but the old ones are getting really really noisy, and should I blow one while I'm driving, it'll cost a whole lot more to fix. When you blow a ball joint, your front tire, kinda of turns 90 degrees, so instead of being perpendicular to the ground, it becomes parallel to the ground. It makes things kinda hard to drive like that.

Plus I don't mind letting him work on it for me. Him and his wife are expecting their first kidlet, so I know that they can use the money. I'll just let him work on my truck until my schedule gets less crazy.

Last night, some jackass called my cell phone, and wouldn't believe me, that he either called the wrong number, or wrote his buddies number down wrong. He called and I answered, he asked for some guy named Kwon. I told him he had the wrong number, and he said that he didn't, and that I better go put Kwon on the phone. I told him that there wasn't a Kwon here. He argued some more, so I hung up. He called me back. He went on about how he was going to come find me, and get Kwon's phone back, or something like that. I kinda ignored the whole conversation. After a few minutes of saying how I stole his buddies phone, he hung up. He hasn't called back yet.

Time to go to work, I'll blog more in 30 hours, when I'm back home.


TheGuyOnTheCouch at 10:57 AM

Friday, April 30, 2004

Drunk College Kids are Fun !

Last night a work, I got the joy, of dealing with all the drunk college kids. Thursday was the last day of classes, and everyone was out partying. Yay, they all decided to come to visit me at work. Go Me, Yippie ! We have a part-time who comes in for a few hours a night, to do the outside stuff, like clean the lot, and empty the trash, plus the station I work at has been robbed twice in the last 6 months, so it's kinda nice having another guy wondering around. He rides a bike to work, and leaves it outside while he's working. The car load of drunk chicks pulls in, and decides to ride it around the parking lot. Drunk chicks and bikes don't mix, they all crashed into something, one into a gas pump, another into the building, and the third into their car.

After the bike incident, another car load of college people pull in. This time only one chick gets out, and she come into the store, and gets a pack of smokes. Asks me the typical 3 questions, that everybody asks, What time do you get off, When did you start, and How can you work those hours? I gave her the 3 answers I give everyone. I get off at 6am, I started at 10pm, and I need the money, that's why I work here. She said awwww, and said that if I got off earlier, that I can go party with her and her friends. I thought at first, that maybe she thought I was cute or something, like maybe my good looks, and my charming personality were finally coming through, but as she left, I realized that she was drunk. She not only staggered out the door, but proceeded to trip over her shoelaces, and fall flat on her ass.

A few hours later, one of my regular customers comes in after he gets off work, and tells me about what they are doing downtown near the campus. It's kinda like a mild riot. Things being tipped over and broke. Things being set on fire, fights and what not. Go Class of '04 ! We kinda chuckle about how these kids are our future. Our future CEO's, Governors, senators, etc.

Go Class of '04.

More Later.

TheGuyOnTheCouch at 8:48 PM

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Hi ! I'm still alive, sorry about the lack of updating.

Work, that's about all I ever seem to do now. 5 days a week at the Auto Parts Store, and 5 nights at the gas station. Go me. I sleep like 4 hours a day, except on my days off, then I sleep 16 hours. Exciting life huh ? Things are getting busy at the auto parts store, and I can get overtime there, so I'm now going down to 4 nights a week at the gas station. I'll be able to get some more sleep, and I won't lose any money. Every hour of overtime I work at the parts store, is like 2 hours at the gas station. Gotta love time and a half.

Since my last post, I haven't done a whole lot of anything. I went and saw Alias a few times, I went back home to Chicago a few times. A couple of weekends ago, I went out drinking with some of the guys I work with at the parts store. We went to this place called the "8-Ball". The "8-Ball" is the only dive bar in Ann Arbor. When you walk in the door, all you can smell is stale cigarette smoke, and cheap beer, my kinda place. I find out, that they have a cheap beer on tap, from Chicago. Old Style. Anyone from Illinois knows what I'm talking about. I proceeded to do pitchers of that all night. It made me feel a bit like I was at home. That is going to be come my every Friday night event, until I find something else to do.

Ok, time to go nap, before the night job, sorry about the delay in posts, I won't let it happen again.


TheGuyOnTheCouch at 5:26 PM




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