Spawnie's Life as a Retail Slut

Spawnie's Life as a Retail Slut

Friday, May 21, 2004

Crash !!

My computer died. It died a fiery painful death. My OS, Win2K, decided to stop working, so I figured I'd just upgrade to WinXP, and all would be ok. Riiiiight. I finally get XP installed, and XP refuses to recognize anything. I tell it where to find the drivers, and it says that it can't, and whatnot. After screwing with that for a few hours, I kinda sorta had a working computer again.

I had to either leave my computer on, or hibernate it, because XP was trying to run something at start-up, and I was locked out for about 12 minutes, until it decided to stop doing what it was doing. Then, my administrator access went away. I still don't know where it went to, it just vanished. And XP also decided, that even though I only have 1 DVD-ROM, it gave me 2. So I gained a DVD-ROM drive. Wooohoooooo !

So finally today, I decided the hell with it, and I removed my partition, and formatted my whole hard drive, and started over again. Yay !

I'm know back up and running for the most part, I have administrator log-on ability again, and all of my thingies work. I have sound, and video again, and I'm back down to 1 DVD-ROM again.

Thanks Mr. Gates, I love having to spend 3 hours re-installing all my software. Bastard.


TheGuyOnTheCouch at 10:58 PM

Thursday, May 20, 2004

The Big Gas Boycott of 2004. HA!

I work as an overnight gas station cashier. On Wednesday, was a gas boycott. HA ! Go America ! The idea was, that if no one bought gas, for a 24 hour period, that the reserve level would rise, and then Pres. Shrub would release some. Riiiiiiight. Great job people, your plan didn't work.

Here is a lesson on how gas stations make their money. I used to manage an ExxonMobil for 2 years, so I know how the system works. Gas stations make about 4 cents per gallon of gas that they sell, not a whole lot of money. That just about covers the operating expenses. So there is little to no profit on gas. Now, if you want to hurt the gas stations, stop buying everything else inside. The CEO of ExxonMobil made 27 million dollars last year, and none of it was from selling gas.

Lets start at drinks. All a station needs to do is sell one cup of coffee from each pot, to cover the expenses for that pot of coffee, that roughly makes the profit margin like 75% on coffee. Fountain pop is the same way. A 5 gallon bag of syrup costs like $30. Car washes, another high profit margin opportunity. You get gas, and decide to wash yer car, you get a dollar off, because you got gas, so you still end up paying like $7 for the best wash. After the cost of water, and the chemicals and such, it costs the gas station less then a dollar to wash yer car, and you just paid $7 for it. Right on !

Cigarettes, a low profit margin, but high volume. Tobacco, has about a 25-30% profit margin, not a lot, but it is a higher volume category. Ice, another 80% profit margin item.

In other words, if you want to hurt the oil companies, stop buying things inside, just get gas, and leave

Boycotting gas isn't going to make the gas prices go down. Do you boycott heating yer home, when natural gas goes up ? Do you boycott watching T.V. or chatting when electric goes up ? Probably not, so why boycott gas, it's not going to do anything.

I'm done ranting. I'm tired of hearing about the gas prices. I'm the overnight cashier, I don't set the gas prices, stop complaining to me about it. If you don't like the price, don't get gas. Buy a hybrid, sell yer SUV, walk, ride a bike, or take a bus or train to work.

No more ranting, I'll blog more later.

TheGuyOnTheCouch at 6:30 PM




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